My dream is to capture people in their real and raw emotions. Love and laughter and movement is what I strive to photograph. Wide mouth laughter, googly eyes between some love birds, or a dad shedding tears while walking his daughter down the aisle. I love being apart of these moments and telling your story!

About Me

I am 26 years old, from Portland, Oregon. I grew up in NE Portland, but now live in Oregon City! I drink way too many energy drinks, read way too many romance novels and purposely watch movies that will make me cry.. I guess you could say I am a hopeless romantic with a caffeine addiction. I listen to a ton of folk/country music, but when I go to the gym to lift I am blasting emo Taylor Swift(Yes, that is a thing) and Eminem.

I knew I wanted to become a professional photographer when I was in high school after doing 3 years of photo class and 2 of yearbook. It wasn't until I shot my first wedding in 2018 that I knew this is what God intended me to do.

During my free time I love to go to the coast with my husband, and our two pups. My husband and I met in 2018 on tinder, and got married in 2021. As of recent we are expecting our first baby boy coming October 2023. I love to go hunting with my husband and spend time outside. Anytime we get a chance to go on a long roadtrip we are so ready to go.

Fun Facts about me that you didn't ask for!

  • I am 6 feet tall. And will be the first to admit all my pants are high waters.
  • I am the youngest of 7 kids.. Yes, it was chaos.
  • I have been taking photos since I was 15 and fell instantly in love with it after learning film in photo class.
  • I love to laugh and have a good time.